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We wish to thank all of the BackgammonMasters members who participated in the Tournament and made this event so enjoyable!

The big question was who had won the Champ 'o' Champs. Dave Treacy was certainly in
contention having picked up points in various tournaments, as was Steve Grundy who
had won the Weekend and picked up points in various others and Matte Juggler wasn't far
off either. But John Broomfield had won the Plate 1, an On Board and had just won 5
points in the Olympiad which gave him more Champ 'o' Champ points than any other
player and thus the title and Champ 'o' Champs trophy as he was in 2002. Congrats John.

Backgammon Live in London 2006 Winners

Tric Trac Tournos:
Fanika Petkovska
Matte Juggler
Jorg Schwiemann
Mike Bailey
Martin Birkhahn
Richard Biddle

Mike Bailey
Jorg Schwiemann
Simon Morecroft
Steve Grundy
Eric Maillebiau
Crispin Duke

Weekend Knockout: Steve Grundy
Crispin Duke
Hanke Amptmeyer
Adam Tansley

Singles Knockout: Main:
Monica Beckerson
Dave Treacy
Plate 1:
John Broomfield
Carol Lems
Plate 2:
Paul Lamford
Jon Samuel
Plate 3:
Dorothy Lee
Fergus Cooney
On Board Knockouts:
Andrew Sarjeant
Fanika Petkovska
Caroline Stafford
Suzy Crabb
Jon Samuel
Martha Littlehailes
John Broomfield
Steve Grundy
Vicky Gilbart
Vanessa Broomfield
Matte Juggler
Nicky Check

On Shore Knockouts:
Neil Foston
Dave Treacy

Doubles Knockout:
Merman (Uldis Lapikens & John Ingamells)
Lucky Devils (Jon Kinsey & Adam Tansley)
The Pustules (Howard Furr-Barton & Jackie Griffiths)
Can't be serious (Nicky Check & Jon Samuel)

Olympiad Knockout: MAIN
GOLD John Broomfield
SILVER George Miltiadou
BRONZE Stef Rohan

GOLD George Hall
SILVER Carol Lems
BRONZE Robert Fuller

GOLD Danny Gallagher
SILVER Alexander Polden
BRONZE Irving Czechowicz

GOLD Tom Duignan
SILVER Alan Beckerson
BRONZE Martin Blatman

GOLD Paul Lamford
SILVER Dorothy Lee
BRONZE Mike Bailey

GOLD Matte Juggler
SILVER Crispin Duke
BRONZE Sue Keeble

GOLD Natalie Favre
SILVER Sue Keeble
BRONZE Michelle Fisher

The Hustlers Haven:
Jon Samuel

The Quizzes:
SAT Martin Birkhahn
SUN Martin Birkhahn

The Gang Tournament:
Irving Czechowicz

The Champ o Champs:
John Broomfield